Used Book Policy

Used books make up 5% of our inventory. We curate like-new titles that are in perfect condition. All books must be published within the past 2 years.

How it works. 

  • Used book buying is made by appointment only. E-mail us to schedule a time. Please put "used book appointment" in the subject line. 
  • We reserve the right to reject any book. We only select books that fulfill our current needs.
  • You will be offered 25% of the current purchase price on Amazon (it's the only way we can compete in an Amazon world).
  • If we choose to buy your book(s) you will receive an offer amount during your appointment. If you accept the amount, you will receive your payment as a gift card.Your gift card will be sent to you via text or email immediately. You can use it while still in our shop or wait until another time. Gift cards can be used on anything in the store, even the cafe! Gift cards can not be transfered or returned for a cash value. 

What we do accept.

  • genres that are accepted are: fantasy, sci-fi, manga, thriller, horror, mystery, romance, historical-fiction, biography, general-fiction, young-adult, cozy-mystery, non-fiction (business, history or memoir).
  • like new condition books only
  • books published within the last two years

What we don't accept.

  • books that are not one of the above genres
  • books older that 2 years
  • books that are not in perfect condition
  • children's books
  • books classified as young reader
  • non-fiction genres that are not listed above
Books that are not purchased need to be taken with you. Sorry, we do not provide a donation service. 

    We thank you for your interest. We are sorry that we can not take everything. We love books! However, our store is small and we are primarily a new bookshop. We have specific needs, and a specific market. We are thrilled to purchase all books that fill those needs.