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At Litographs, we create art from books. From afar, each matted print features a beautiful design representing a character, setting, or the theme of the book. Up close, you'll discover that the background is made from the words themselves.

Our matted prints are printed on archival, vinyl-infused paper that is tear-resistant, water-resistant, and long-lasting. They include a die cut mat with a beveled window displaying the book name and author. These ready-to-frame prints measure 12" x 16" including the mat.

Our custom display has 12 shelves and comes free with any order of 60+ prints ($480) upon request. Use the wider shelves to display one print behind another to maximize the number of designs your display can showcase. Spinner Dimensions: 17" x 17"x 70"

Orders are batched on Sunday mornings and fulfilled the following week. Please feel free to message us with any questions.