Literary Trivia Night September 13th

Join us on Wednesday September 13th at 7 pm for our inaugural Literary Trivia Night!

Over drinks, cake, and good company, test your knowledge of famous lines from novels, movie adaptations, literary current affairs, and artwork from classic books.

Nothing needed beyond enjoying a fun night out with book-loving friends! And you don't have to do this alone - we will organize teams on the night.

Tickets are sold until the day before the event. You must have ticket to enter.



Senoia's alive after 5 September 15th

Come join us at Senoia's alive after 5 on September 15th for books and brews, where we serve our beer in fun bookish refillable beer steins.


Book Club  September 27th  7pm

To join a book club you must purchase your book from Book Love. Just ask to join the sign up list while at the register.  Be sure to tell us that you are purchasing your book for the book club. If you purchase the book via our e-books or audio books, just email us with your receipt and we will add your name to that month's club. 

Explore the Genres Book Club Each month we will read a book chosen from a different genre. By the end of the year you will have explored 12 genres! This event is for everyone although some books may not be suitable for those under 18. 

September’s book is Fantasy. 

Image of book cover for A Court Of Thorns and Roses


18th Annual Senoia Car Show September 30th

Come to Senoia for the Annual Senoia Car show on September 30th at 10 am. Stop in and check out all of our books on transportation.



Writing Workshop October 18th

Finding Your Book: Out of Your Head and onto the Page

You keep saying you want to write a book, but what book? Are you overwhelmed by all the stories swirling around your brain? In this workshop, we'll talk about developing a writing and reading discipline, organizing your chapters, and that heinous first draft. We'll go step by step through the writing process and provide practical tools to pry the book out of your head and onto the page.

For tickets click here


Writing Workshop November 14

Making Your Book Better with Editing and Feedback

Congratulations! Your first draft is done. Your book is now the worst version of itself and it's time to make it better. In this workshop, we'll share tips for editing your work, cultivating trusted beta readers, and processing feedback without giving up. 

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