Local Author Information

Local Authors

Book Love is a community bookshop that believes in helping local authors find their shelf space. That said, we receive high numbers of requests and do not have the ability to stock all requests.

To request that we stock your book, you may email us at booklovethebookshop@gmail.com. Please put “local author” in the subject line of your email. 

All books must be available for us to purchase via, Ingram or Arcadia. (we will not offer consignments or purchase books from self-published publishing houses).

We are at full capacity for fiction self published titles. The only self published titles we are accepting at the moment are non-fiction books about Georgia, Senoia or Atlanta. 

Before you contact us, please note this set of requirements :

You must be able to provide one free copy of your book to be reviewed at our request.

Please include a photo of the front and back covers in your email.


Please include the following in your email to us:

Is your book available to be purchased direct via Ingram book distributor or arcadia? If the answer is "no", please do not go further. (we carry thousands of titles and cannot create special purchases from unique publishing houses based on one title.)

Author name

Title name and ISBN


Summary of your book

When was your book published?

Who is your publisher?

Is this a series or a stand alone book? 


If any, what awards or accolades are associated with your book? 

What marketing strategy will you be able to offer Book Love? 

*note - Marketing Strategy It is the author's responsibility to market your book at Book Love. Your marketing strategy can not be limited to the offer of a book signing. Please think of social media, unique events, and signage. We want to sell your book. Help us to do so. We love creativity! (Ask yourself, how many people can I get to come to my event or to Book Love to possibly purchase my book? How can I get them there?) 

What happens if we can’t stock your book? If we can’t stock your book, this does not mean that we didn’t like it! It may just not fulfill a need for our shop at this time.